What Our Clients Have To Say


Great experience using Aruti

Aruti is the greatest HR and payroll management software. I am writing to endorse Aruti to any company which is looking to source Human Resource Management and Payroll System. I have used Aruti for the past 3 years and it has been a very happy and resourceful experience. The system is remarkable, compatible, and equipped with all important HR Management tool as well as robust reporting capabilities.


Aruti is the most stable software

Aruti is by far the most stable software product that we use. For past four years the product has continued to pay for itself throughout its life cycle, from client deployment, day-to-day functionality and server fault tolerance. When there was a problem, we were able to get excellent techno-functional support from NPK Technologies with no delay.


Complete Software

My experience in working with Aruti Human Resource management system (HRMS) over the past five years had truly been phenomenon and very satisfyingly. The system simplifies all human resource business processes and automates all important aspect of workforce related activities. From earnings and deductions to performance, training, disciplinary cases, leaves, loans and savings, medical bills and claims, to employee profile management, Aruti system is highly recommended for those in search of human resource management system.


Aruti is User Friendly

Aruti is user friendly and you can tailor it to your needs as an organization. So far, it's been great using Aruti payroll software. I can’t thank enough Aruti team for their daily heartfelt support.


Aruti System is a Life Saver

I am writing to comment on Aruti system. Since we began our journey with this system, my work has been easier and faster than the previous system. Especially reports on leave and attendance has made me look like a hero. Aruti system has met my expectations in higher level.
I will strongly recommend this system to every small/ big companies out there.


Most affordable HR & Payroll system.

All modules are very user friendly in terms of its easy steps which are easy to follow and the prices are fair enough. We have been able to monitor KPIs of all employees as well as ensuring that the KPIs are keyed in good time which enhances a sense of accountability from both the employee and supervisor
The module has also enhanced transparency in that both parties have to sit together and complete the appraisal by agreeing to key focus areas as per the set target that were set at the beginning of the year both quarterly and annually.
It has reduced cost in terms of printing the appraisal forms for all employees, only the data is generated in form of a report through the system hence reducing paper work in the HR department, we have been able to create timelines of the appraisals whereby the system closes after the set period and we are able to track the pending appraisals and take the appropriate actions
The system does not limit employees since we have opted for cloud based system staff can work on the same from wherever they are so long as they have internet connectivity.
Aruti System has enhanced efficiency and accountability in the entire company So far, we can recommend the same to any other company