Aruti Payroll and Human Resources Management Features

Aruti Human Resources and Payroll Management System consists of the following sub-components which are seamlessly integrated to each other.

Aruti Payroll and Human Resources Management

Effortlessly measure your employee’s earnings and deductions in accordance to the statutory staff governing regulations in your country through this aspect of Aruti.

Aruti Performance and Assessment Management

Keeping track of an individual’s work performance and timely deserved appraisals, this feature of Aruti is connected to productivity of your employees.

Aruti Employee Biodata Management

Right from an employee’s personal information to his hobbies and interests, Aruti Employee Biodata Management will save all the required information in the system.

Aruti Leave and Absence Management

Supervising the employee’s absence, attendance and working hours details, the Aruti Leave, Absence and Time Management feature will keep records of the leaves taken and days worked.

Aruti Recruitment Management

Manage your vacancy announcements and job applications easily through an internet interface and cut down your recruitment costs through Aruti Recruitment Management.

Aruti Time and Attendance Management

Making use of biometric devices, Aruti Time and Attendance Management will let you calculate the working hours of an employee along with overtime done.

Why choose us?

Considering all the aspects, right from your budget to resolving your queries,
Aruti poses as the best solution for your organization.

Cost Effective

Aruti pricing structure lets you avail a single module, or the whole system as per your requirement, thus keeping all kinds of users in mind.

High Quality

Consisting of field experts and adept in system functions, our customer support team is always ready to assist you in any query you face.

Fully Integrated

An integrated, compliant and cost-effective Human Resources and Payroll Management System, Aruti is a apt for managing your organization’s Human Capital assets efficiently.


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